Coaching for Bootstrapped B2B Tech Founders

It's lonely at the top.

Don't go it alone.

I've been where you are now.

Get a coach who gets you.

If you're a Founder of a bootstrapped B2B technology company with any of these:

  • ~$5 million or less in sales.
  • 15 to 25 employees.
  • Not a great (or any) sales process.
  • Goals of growing a company you want to work in.
  • And, in need of a better balance between your Business Life and Personal Life.

You may be closer than you think.

Founders Have Friends, Too!

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The Sunday Starter - Louie Bernstein

When I'm your coach, you get someone who...

  • Understands not being able to discuss business at home.
  • Has been in your shoes. 22+ years building and running a small business. Made it through three recessions and still made the INC 500 by managing sales and cash flow.
  • Understands not being able to discuss certain business issues with your employees.
  • Knows for a FACT that Patience, Persistence, and Determination bring success.
  • Helps you build a process to reach, and keep your goal.
  • Gets that transparency and willingness to share, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, are needed in order to grow.
  • Someone who will help hold you accountable.


Louie Bernstein coaching
Louie Bernstein Coaching