Sales Processes for Small Businesses: The Secret to Rapid Growth

Fractional Sales Management is the competitive advantage for growing a small business.

"Thank you Louie for what you have done in the past year. I believe our sales are far better than where they were a year ago, great job." Kevin Zhao, CEO ZBS POS

You should be working on

your business, not in it.

My Fractional Sales Management service puts sales processes in place so your sales team, and revenue, can grow while you work on other parts of your business.

Here's what you get:

  • A complete sales audit. We look at everything you're doing now and develop a growth and sustainability plan.
  • We'll build out your customized Sales Playbook.
  • Best practices, and questions, for hiring the right sales candidates.
  • How to conduct 1:1s so you get and keep the most loyal team. Constantly rehiring is a cash drain.
  • A well-defined Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) so your salespeople are spending time with prospects who buy.
  • Daily sales training. Every champion does daily training.
  • A pipeline that means something.
  • Meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure what is and what is not working.
  • A comprehensive onboarding plan to get new salespeople producing much quicker.

Let's set you free to grow your business.


Louie Bernstein coaching
Louie Bernstein Coaching